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Luvia Roman/Facebook

A Hispanic couple filmed the shocking moment their white neighbour charged on to their property and started to throw things and threaten to kill them

Miguel Rios and Luvia Roman, who live in Indianapolis, recorded the video last week in which their neighbour Vicki New appeared to both verbally and physically attack them.

The couple moved in to their house a year and a half ago, and have since had constant issues with New.

Watch the woman’s attack here:

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The video was shared on Facebook by Luvia, who captioned the post ‘this is what we have to deal with this afternoon’.

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New stomped towards Miguel and Luvia’s driveway and tore one of their ‘no trespassing’ signs from the ground before breaking it in half and throwing it at Miguel.

In the video, Miguel seemed to try and stop the aggressive woman from doing any more damage by telling her to calm down, but she replied with a threat, saying ‘you touch me, I’ll kill you’.

Luvia Roman/Facebook

She continued to break and throw the couples’ signs, shouting ‘piece of trash’ towards the homeowners.

Other people in the neighbourhood appeared to take Miguel and Luvia’s side, and could be heard shouting something to New. Continuing to show her hostility, she shouted ‘you go back in your f**king house’.

Luvia told UNILAD that the dispute over the ‘no trespassing’ signs began a few days before the video was taken. New’s partner had been cutting Miguel and Luvia’s grass, despite the fact they had already been warned not to step on the couple’s property.

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The police were called, and they advised Luvia to put flags where she believed her property line lay – this is when she bought the ‘no trespassing’ signs.

Luvia explained:

Friday night we went to dinner, came home and the signs were taken out and thrown on my drive way. I called the police, but I had no proof it was her. So they couldn’t do anything.

Sunday came around and I brought the signs back out and asked [my husband] to put them back up.

That’s when she came out and started attacking.


The couple have reportedly been subject to numerous racist attacks from New, who is said to have made their lives a ‘living nightmare’.

Speaking to the broadcast network Univision, as per Cyprus Daily, Miguel explained that New’s attacks had only ever been verbal until the day the video was taken.

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He said:

She keeps telling us she’s going to kill us and we’re not sure when that night’s going to come.

[She] threw [the sign] at my face and then after that she broke the other one and then it hit my wife in the face. It’s been a living nightmare.

We’ve never done anything to this lady. Before we bought and saw the home, she started trying to attack us because we’re Hispanics.

When we came out of the car she starts to say go back to Mexico, insults that are so bad that I can’t even say them in front of my daughter, who is barely four years old.

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RTV6 have since confirmed that New has been arrested on the preliminary charges of criminal trespassing and battery resulting in bodily injury.

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to stories@unilad.co.uk. 

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RTV6 and 1 other
  1. RTV6

    Woman caught on video attacking neighbors with yard signs arrested

  2. Cyprus Daily

    White woman attacks Hispanic neighbours with yard sign and ‘threatens to kill them’

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